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The Problem

Under some circumstances, a fatigue crack can develop in the boiler tube of the identified refrigerators, which can permit the release of pressurized coolant solution. If this solution is exposed to an ignition source under certain specific circumstances, it can result in a vehicle fire. The pictures below show what could potentially happen if this problem is not fixed.

The potentially affected refrigerators have the following model numbers:

NDR1062 RM2652 RM2662 RM2663 RM2852
RM2862 RM3662 RM3663 RM3862 RM3863

The potentially affected units have the following serial numbers combinations:

713XXXXX through 752XXXXX 801XXXXX through 952XXXXX 101XXXXX through 152XXXXX
301XXXXX through 319XXXXX 801XXXXX through 852XXXXX 001XXXXX through 052XXXXX
201XXXXX through 252XXXXX

These numbers can be found on the tag just inside the refrigerator door on the left side. If you are not sure if unit is affected or if you would like to schedule an appointment to have your unit serviced please complete the form below.

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