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Recreational Vehicle Classifications

Class A Motorhome
Type: Class A Motorhome
AVG Length: 25' to 40'
Typical Setup: Class A Motor homes are typically fully self contained. This means they have on board storage tanks for both fresh water and waste water. They also typically have large propane supplies, and also onboard generators. This makes these units great for extended stays at locations with no hookups.
Class B Motorhome
Type: Class B Motorhome
AVG Length: 17' to 19'
Typical Setup: Class B Motor homes are street van with a raised roof. This class is the smallest class of motor home. Some of the newer models are self contained but typically the have a small galley with a potable toilet.
Class C Motorhome
Type: Class C Motorhome
AVG Length: 20' to 30'
Typical Setup: Class C Motor homes are constructed on cutaway van chassis. They retain the front of the vans cab with both front doors. They typically offer all the amenities of a Class A, but most drivers find the Class B easier to maneuver.
5th Wheel Trailer
Type: 5th Wheel Trailer
AVG Length: 32' to 45'
Typical Setup: 5th Wheels are some of the most desirable RVís. They offer all the amenities of typical RVs such as full kitchen, bathroom, master bedrooms, and some of the bigger models come with built in washer and dryers. Higher end models can have up to 3 slide outs making them the choice for most full time RVers. The only draw back is a 1 ton truck is required to pull the unit.
Travel Trailer
Type: Travel Trailer
AVG Length: 10' to 36'
Typical Setup: Travel trailers come in a variety of lengths. Some of the smaller models can be great for weekend campers due to the fact they can be pulled by a light truck and offer all the amenities of the bigger models. Some of the larger models offer a full galley, and bathroom. The size of the living quarters is governed by the overall length of the trailer. These trailers can sleep anywhere form 2 to 10 people depending on the size.
Tent Trailer
Type: Tent Trailer
AVG Length: 11'
Typical Setup: These models are great for beginers becuase of their lightweight. They are easily towed by mid-size cars or minivans. There typically have two double beds and the dining area converts in to a bed. They have a small 3 burners stove and an ice box, some models do have a refrigerator.
Type: Truck Campers
AVG Length: 8' to 11.5'
Typical Setup:
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